What We Do,

Your own team for any software related services, be it designing and creating original assets and contents, to web applications, all the way to legal consulting, all led by our team of experts…


1. Designs

Do you need to bring to life your ideas?

We make original designs, with rich and deep reaching impactful creations

Be it for print or digital assets, or for rich, elegant UI representations, we create the best representation of your ideas through the designs


2. Creative illustrations

Do you have a vision that needs wings?

We create original artwork.

Our artist's touch of genius on your illustrations is what you need to push your vision over that last mile that differentiates a good work product from an excellent one


3. Software and Services

Do you need a software platform to launch your vision?

Our team of developers can take your ideas and create the right platform you need to launch your vision to the world.

We understand you from where you are, and deliver to your requirements, time and budget keeping with our passion of delivering nothing less than the best that is possible...


4. Technical Support and Consulting

Do you need an expert team to have your back?

If you already have a technology solution in place, but want a watchful eye over it...

Be it through automated systems or through manual personal checks and check-lists.


5. Software Testing & Consulting

Do your software need a thorough and professional testing?

If you have a software that is developed in-house or by a service provider, and want a neutral third-party view on it (black-box testing)

If you have a software that is struggling to converge with corner case issues, and want a deeper look into root causes (white-box testing with root cause analysis)

If the testing result indicates design or architecture issues, and need an in-depth analysis and solutioning


6. Techno-Paralegal Services

Do you need a trustable paralegal service covering your technology?

Be it from the realm of GDPR, Intellectual Property (IP) or the routine drafting of a fair contract.

Our techno-legal consultancy comes with expertise in both, technology as well as law, to give you the best possible services